Marketing is Bullsh*t

Marketing is bullsh*t.  Here’s the truth – If you had a business that truly stood out and did things different you wouldn’t need marketing.  If you created a unique experience that also generated amazing value for your people they would market the business for you.  The other day I went to a monthly event that […]

FOSO – A Worse Pandemic is Here

You’ve heard of FOMO, but are you suffering from FOSO?? It’s here everyone, the next wave of the latest pandemic we call FOSO – Fear Of Standing Out. It’s FOMO’s big brother and whether or not you know it, FOSO and it’s hurting you! Almost everyone who’s ever started any kind of business has suffered […]

Who, What, How and Why

In order for a product to be considered great, it must create value for the consumer and have intriguing features.  In order for a brand to be great, it has to be built on an impactful mission and purpose.  The product is the what and the how.  The brand is the who and the why.  […]

Branding in Three’s

Today we’re thinking about the number 3 and how we consistently use it to create the foundation for great branding.  What’s so good about 3? In geometry three points make a plane – meaning that you can’t have anything as a foundation unless it has 3 strong points beneath it (think of a bike vs […]

Turning adversity into opportunity

Over the years of building SuperBrand, we’re often faced with new challenges that shape the way our business operates. We want to share something that happened just last week, that turned out to be a great learning experience for us.  We hope in sharing, there’s something here for you to take away as well.  It’s […]

Have no FUD!! (fear, uncertainty and doubt)

Hey, SuperBranders! It’s no secret that we’ve been working with lots of Metaverse, Gaming and Web3 companies to help them build their brands and presence online.  We absolutely LOVE the space. It’s creative, exciting, volatile, new and rife with amazing opportunities.  But with all the volatility in the market – we hear a ton of […]

This ONE thing is what it’s all about

The word ‘brand’ is in our name. But branding is not what it’s all about for us. 😉 Our work is about one thing and one thing only… Our work is about success. But what does success actually mean? To us…✔️Success means achieving personal and business goals.✔️Success means making work meaningful.✔️Success means creating a life […]

They’re paying for your expertise and leadership!

So, you’ve started working with a client… Everything starts out great… they love your past work, and they’re certain you’re the right partner for the job.  But as things go on, the relationship changes. After the initial excitement of working together, “little” problems appear… changes in scope, input from unexpected parties, endless rounds of revisions…  […]

Together toward our IMAGINED future

Web 3…it’s here in a BIG way! 🌟 Last few months ago, the team went to DCentral and Consensus. We were soaked up the energy of new ideas, technology and a new world of creativity. The metaverse is a new digital world we already inhabit in many ways. There’s lots of BS in Web3, as […]

Stop trying to NOT be an artist

We don’t really want to talk about branding. We want to talk about art. Sure, it may not seem very businessy. You know what your parents always told you, “Art is NO way to make money!” Truth is, that’s a load of BS.💩 Art, as we understand it, is the very thing that defines the […]