Here at SuperBrand Los Angeles, we do a job that we are passionate about. Our services focus on helping you with the fundamentals of the brand identity while managing it for years to come. Your business can be booming, and your best results and goals can be achieved. We assure you of that.

Our unique combination of expertise and creativity prevents you from having to look for separate creative design service providers. Coupled with our experience of corporate issues, SuperBrand is able to create and deploy remarkable trademarks with and for our clients.

Our Los Angeles branding agency specializes in packaging design services. Our team assists you in your different projects by offering you both relevant and audacious graphic solutions. Driven by a passion for design and creativity, SuperBrand offers you much more than you might think.

Creative Branding Agency

Are you building your brand? Looking for a catchy company or product name? Or do you simply need a better ranking on search engine results for a company website that is already built?

SuperBrand’s flexible, original, and intuitive services help our clients stand out from the crowd–and get more customers while doing it!

Our Los Angeles agency’s global vision in digital marketing allows companies to make their branding investments profitable.

Our team’s creativity allows us to assist you in creating a relevant brand feature with a personal touch. It will be consistent with your target audience and viable over the long run. It is supported by our solid legal experience in trademark law and domain names.

Is your brand already built? You will enjoy the solutions and expertise of our Los Angeles agency. Our team is constantly working with new or existing companies based throughout the United States and around the world.

CA Branding

We provide our clients with advice and services regarding your audit, the ranking of your brand, as well as your marketing strategy. We also assist you with full engagement with your identity branding issues such as:

  • Naming
  • Logo
  • Graphic charter

CA Packaging Design

SuperBrand intervenes at all stages of the packaging creation:

  • Volume design
  • New product research
  • Concept board/pack design
  • Graphic design
  • Range redesign
  • Charter deployment

CA Communication

Our Los Angeles branding agency designs and produces various communication tools and marketing support for our clients and their companies:

  • Brochure
  • Sales leaflet
  • POS
  • Activation device
  • One sheet print

What do they all have in common? Creativity.

Great Design: Make Your Mark Right From the Start

Start-ups that decide to invest in their branding fundamentals increase their chances of survival and have the best chance of real success. Working on your trademark forces you to think about the key questions:

  1. What is my reason for being in the market? What solutions am I offering?
  2. How can I differentiate myself from the competition?
  3. Who is my ideal client/audience?
  4. Do I need a team? Can I diversify my services and increase production?

By entrusting our agency that is creating the name, logo, and graphic design altogether, you increase the chances of having a strong brand with no weak links. And, of course, the purpose of this is to remain within a legally secure experience.

creative design

The Specificity of Digital Brands in a Business

Digital brands can have both a brilliant identity and experience. In some cases, they can be a mere slogan-address of a website. The challenge is to find the right slogan and build clever technology and packaging design that will make Google Analytics numbers explode. This includes:

  • Digital brands’ world: search engines and social media 
  • Digital brands’ life expectancy: from a few weeks or several decades.
  • Digital brands’ purpose: to generate tens of thousands of supporters and prospects for the products/services you offer

Your Success Makes Our Los Angeles Agency’s Success

1) We want to create a world-class brand that contributes to the international success of your start-up.

Our Los Angeles creative agency aims to create a global profile that:

  • Reflects your project/engagement 
  • Is available in .com
  • Uses legally clean technology 
  • Appeals to your business partner 
  • Is understandable for international clients/consumers

The list can go on. Branding constraints are our team’s daily work. As long as we identify constraints beforehand, we will be able to take advantage of them. This is definitely something other branding agencies do not offer, as they too often focus on the technology aspect alone.

2) We offer a view profile follow to make your brand more readable and attractive.

When you are extremely ambitious or want to defend great ideas, it is all the more important not to burden your target audience with:

  • Illegible acronyms
  • Meaningless acronyms
  • Chaotic brand architectures
  • Boring content on social media 
  • No UX/UI website design

The process of creating an identity and graphic design at SuperBrand is smart and to the point. We know what’s best for our clients, and that’s exactly what we are going to focus on with them.

3) We want your new brand to help you make a successful transition.

A merger or takeover is a significant event in the life of an organization. The process of appropriation of the new brand/commerce becomes as crucial as the quality of the solution being offered. How do you find the necessary engagement without weakening the chosen solution? It is not an easy experience given that it sometimes involves two distant cultures, agencies, or offices. It requires the following to succeed:

  • Method
  • Technology
  • Diplomacy
  • Conviction

4) We would like to modernize your brand and give it more meaning.

Change in the name of your website is different than simply changing the site’s content. It is both undesirable nor even possible. Luckily, there are other areas in your brand where you can work and add value and creativity. We’re not talking about a simple IT facelift. Instead, we’re talking about exploring and rethinking each of the top fundamentals:

  • Logo design
  • Brand/commerce signature
  • UX Web design
  • UI design
  • Social media presence 
  • Relevant content

Graphic design can change a lot of things in terms of making an impact or converting a view into a purchase. It will give you visibility on the market as people will enjoy browsing your website. You can make these potential customers feel like they are in the right spot, and show that you have their best interest at heart.

5) We want to make your new brand a lever for your growth and development.

Things have changed so much since the creation of your company/website. After all those years:

  • Is the evocation of your name still relevant?
  • Is your web design responsive? Are your products easily accessible?
  • Does the brand identity still express the company’s mission or personality?
  • And isn’t that logo you liked so much a little dated?
  • Are you active on social media? Taking reviews into account?

It doesn’t have to be a chore to start the process of optimizing your brand. It is a simple process and an opportunity to add value and meaning.

6) We help you create a brand identity that helps your start-up gain access to fundraising.

Investors’ brains are no different than other humans. Beyond the relevance of a pitch and the realism of a business plan, investors are also able to appreciate the existence of a website that sums up your project in a clear way. This includes:

  • Involved in-depth work with SuperBrand to challenge your project
  • Verified your brand’s raison d’être
  • Fine-tuned your differences

Why Should You Trust Our Los Angeles Agency?

SuperBrand is driven by a passion for beautiful brands, a culture of common sense, and constant battle with the field. We offer you much more than just packaging.

With that in mind, our Los Angeles branding agency extends its experience to other disciplines. We guarantee you a perfect coherence between the support of expression of your brand’s products and services. Unlike other creative agencies, SuperBrand ensures the production of all of your needs in every IT service. This includes:

  • Brand strategy
  • Web design
  • Graphic communication
  • Social media marketing


A brand that has value is a brand that gives lasting meaning to all its target audiences. A brand with vision is one that draws on its history while opening up to the future. It is also a brand whose content can be verified in every one of its actions.


Action means creating strong brands built without any weak link in their fundamentals: name, logo design, signature. Let us be your best partner. 

Top Standards

Born out of advertising through the experience of the founder, we have never ceased to bring together the best IT/marketing consultants and web design experts. They know the direct way to success. 


We are not a naming agency, not a design agency, nor an advertising agency. We touch all three things at the same time. Marketing is broad, but we know all of its secrets. 

We welcome all industries to our production studio. Get in touch with our developers and marketing experts now!