Our Branding Process in a Nutshell

Message and strategy

There’s a big different between the story you’re telling and the one you’re TRYING to tell. At the messaging phase we learn everything about your business and product, your history and your goals, as well as your market... then we craft a brand story, taglines and copy that will engage your audience.

Design + Visual Identity

With our messaging strategy in place, we’ll begin crafting a new identity that aligns with your goals, your audience and your market. We believe great design is more than just pretty colors. Great design solves the problem of attracting customers and showing how awesome you are.


Once the foundations are laid, it’s time to take your brand to market. Developing brand assets like a website, social templates and other material is where the brand meets the road. We love developing eye catching websites because your online presence is your tentpole brand asset.

Our Roadmap Packages


Message StrategyRoadmap

Strategic and creative messaging lays the foundation for a great brand... Join us for a series of custom workshops designed to quickly learn what makes your company tick, understand your goals, your products and explore your market to create that unique brand story you’ve always been looking for. Align your products with your customers and market and create the foundation for an experience your customers will never forget. The new brand story we create will change the game for your communication, engagement and memorability.

This package includes:

• SuperBrand Brand Strategy workbook• 3X90minute strategy workshops with your team• Competitive Analysis• Stakeholder Segmentation• Key Messaging• Brand Positioning• Mission | Vision | Purpose• Tone of Voice• Brand Story• Content Strategy• All work delivered in PDF format



Let's Go!


Message + Custom LogoRoadmap

Most people equate branding with visual identity. It’s true - visual design is the cornerstone of a great brand. And after laying the messaging foundation, we’ll dive deep into your market’s psychology to create a shiny new identity that gives your business a leg up. Ever wondered how some major brands look so damn good? Get ready for your brand to look like the major player you know it can be. Your new visual identity will give you renewed confidence, attract new customers, and - let’s face it - make you look like a damn rockstar.

This package includes everything in Package 1 PLUS:

• Visual mood boards• Design inspiration• 8 + initial Logo explorations• 2 rounds of revisions• Color Palette• Final Logo Lockups• All files delivered in Vector Files + PNGs



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Full Brand IdentityRoadmap

When it’s time to truly level up and change the game for your business - this package is where it’s at (can we get a woot?). At SuperBrand we always say, “A brand is more than just pretty colors.” Well, this package is where we prove it. A new messaging strategy, a new logo and an entirely new online presence. Think about the impact that can have for you when meeting new prospects, selling your products or even just looking at yourself in the mirror each morning... Your new brand will help you achieve brand domination. Guaranteed.

This package includes everything in Package 2 PLUS:

• Full website wireframe• Full website design• Full brand typography• Photo style guide• Brand Guide• Brand in Use Guide• Additional custom deliverables as needed


*This is the starting price for a custom package. Final price based on specific project’s needs

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Results (The good stuff!)

While we can’t guarantee specific results, here are some of the results we’ve seen with our clients.

• Doubling sales immediately upon brand launch• Funding rounds of millions of dollars closed• A path to growth set for years to come• Increased conversion from website traffic• Successful product launches• And increased praise from customers• Increased brand awareness based on sentiment analysisAnd more...

The only question is: How high will you take your new brand?

Ok, enough about us. Let’s talk about YOU.

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