Simple is

To learn what package would work for you or to get a custom proposal simply reach out!


Naming Workshop

$1500 and up

Brand Messaging Workshop

$2500 and up

Quick Start Identity Package

$7500 and up

Who’s it for?

  • Early stage businesses just starting out
  • Businesses still learning who their audience is (pre product/market fit)
  • Businesses who want to launch with the highest chance for success!


Messaging Roadmap

$7500 and up

Messaging + Identity Package

$12,500 and up

Message + Identity + Website

$19,500 and up

Who’s it for?

  • You’ve been in business for at least 2 years in your industry

  • You are already selling your product or service and know your audience well

  • You’ve outgrown your current story and need to create a brand identity and message that will help you grow

SuperBrand helped us organize the work of rebranding into manageable tasks and made the process fun and surprisingly easy!”

Let’s make building your brand simpler!