The Brand Runway

The Brand Runway is our process for making agency quality branding accessible to small and medium sized businesses. It's a series of creative sessions with a senior strategist, coupled with a workbook and exercises that quickly discover the core essence of your brand. Then takes that message and expresses it through copy and design.

All Message Packages Include:

Message Strategy

Explore and define your core message to your customers and audience.

Positioning Statement

Define what makes you unique in the market.


At least three viable taglines for attracting customers.

Elevator Pitch

A concise way to best explain your business to customers.

Key Brand Messages

Communicate all the things your brand is REALLY about.

Sample Copy

Create sample copy for your marketing that's aligned with your message.

Logo Package Includes:

Custom Logo Design

Logo exploration and design that's aligned with the strategy.

Usage Guide

How to use your logo alongside photography and through your marketing assets.

Identity Package Include:

Design Guidelines

Colors, Fonts + Typography, Image Usage, Do's and Dont's

Sample Graphics

How you use graphics on website, marketing assets and social media.


Our packages are designed to be simple and guarantee results.


  • Clarify your message and create a roadmap for your brand
  • 3 X 90 Minute Strategy Sessions over a 2-3 week period via Zoom
  • The Brand Runway Work Book
  • Brand Runway Deck (10 Pages)
  • 1 X 60 minute review session


  • Create a complete brand identity that includes messaging and visual identity
  • 3 X 90 Minute Strategy Sessions over a 2-3 week period via Zoom
  • The Brand Runway Work Book
  • Brand Runway Deck (10 Pages)
  • 1 X 60 minute review session
  • + Logo Package
  • + Brand Style Guide

"The Brand Runway process synthesized everything I do to create one powerful, clear message. Clarity is everything!"

Kate Schutt

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Brand Runway process includes a series of strategy sessions accompanied by a workbook. We work on all the material together to create your perfect brand.

Sure, you can. But what we always say is this - Design without strategy is superficial. Strategy without design is uninspiring. If you want to truly build a great brand you have to do both. That's what we're committed to.

Honestly, everyone. Our process takes branding basics and makes them accessible to all businesses in a digestible way. We could have called the service Brand-In-A-Box but we didn't want to get all cheap about it.

That really depends on you. We shoot for 3 to 4 weeks. It's enough time to do the homework and make sure we explore everything we need to. You can do it a bit faster, or slower - that's up to you.

The Messaging Package comes with what we call a Brand Runway Roadmap - it's a 10 to 20 page PDF that summarizes all the work we've done and captures your brand in words and images. The Logo Package comes with a logo of course - several different versions for different uses - as well as a guide on how to use it as a graphic. The Brand Guidelines is also a PDF that goes into detail how to use your brand assets. This includes photography, imagery, fonts, etc.

The Roadmap is an awesome document you can use in many ways. You can use it as a sales deck to present your business to potential customers. You can use it to onboard new team members and teach them what your brand stands for. And you can give the document to designers, marketers or any other vendor so they understand exactly how to serve you best. It will save you time, frustration and lots of back and forth with anyone you work with in the future.