🤑 Pricing

We've packaged our services so you know exactly what you're paying and what you're getting. Simple, transparent, and no runaround.


  • 3 X 90 Minute Strategy Sessions
  • The Brand Runway Work Book
  • Brand Runway Deck
  • Brand Positioning
  • Mission, Vision, Values
  • Brand Pillars
  • Tone-Of-Voice
  • Brand Story
  • Key Messaging
  • Customer Profiles


  • Message & Logo PLUS:
  • Aesthetic research and mood board
  • Typography study and design
  • Website Template design
  • Business Cards
  • Photography Guide
  • Headings (H1, H2, etc.)
  • Customization available!

All Message Packages Include:

Message Strategy

Clarify the single most important message your audience needs to hear.

Positioning Statement

Define what makes you unique and separate yourself from the competition.


Create at least three magnetic tag-lines to attract customers.

Elevator Pitch

Learn how to get your message across quickly in any situation.

Key Brand Messages

Speak to customer pain points and eliminate objections.

Sample Copy

Create copy that speaks in your unique tone-of-voice.

Logo Package Includes:

Custom Logo Design

Modern and Meaningful to standout in your industry.

Usage Guide

How to use your logo throughout your marketing assets.

Identity Package Include:

Design Guidelines

Beautiful color palettes and fonts.

Graphics Templates

Graphic templates to cover your marketing platforms.

"The Brand Runway process synthesized everything I do to create one powerful, clear message. Clarity is everything!"

Kate Schutt


Frequently Asked Questions

The Brand Roadmap is a done-with-you brand strategy process that quickly gets to the essence of what you're all about. By going deep into the whys of your business, we can create a brand that's authentic, engaging and stands out from every other business in your industry. Honestly, it's a game changer for your business.

Sure, you can. And a great logo goes a long way. But today customers expect more. They expect an experience, not just some pretty designs and colors. Your brand is the sum total of everything you do. That includes your design, your message, your identity and the customer experience. Our process allows us to create a brand that takes all these things into account so that you kick some serious internet butt.

Honestly, everyone. But our specialties are:Service Based BusinessesHealth and WellnessCreative Agencies and ServicesCoaches and Consultants

Our process takes about 3 to 4 weeks. It's enough time to do the homework and give us time to explore what's truly most important.

The Messaging Package results in a 15 page PDF that summarizes all the work we've done and captures your brand in words and images. There will be sample copy, key messages, a strong positioning statement, taglines, tone-of-voice samples and more. Schedule a call to see what one of these looks like. The Logo Package comes with a logo of course - several different versions for different uses - as well as a usage guide on how to use it in your graphics. The Brand Guidelines is also a PDF that goes into detail how to use your brand assets. It includes your logo, typography, how to use photography and imagery, fonts, etc.

When we're done, you'll need to begin implementing the work we did into your material and we can help. If you have a designer, we can work with her to help restructure and re-write your site. If you're working with another marketing agency, we can create a smooth transition that helps them understand the work we did and what you're trying to convey. We do this all the time and your agency will be grateful because we make their job easy. If you need partners to help you implement, we have a list of trusted partners we can refer you to for anything from Web Development, to SEO, to Social Media and Content.