Positioning statement one of the elements of brand strategy, YAY or NAY?

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text] Positioning – the unsung hero of creating a brand that customers absolutely need and love. The thing that separates you from the competition. The thing that informs your audience what place you will occupy in their minds. Positioning tells people how they should feel about you and it can be the difference between […]

Using Simple Ideals to Create Powerful Communication

I love the work of Jim Stengel, brand consultant, educator and former Global Marketing Director for Proctor & Gamble. In his book “Grow“ Jim talks about his findings that the fastest growing companies over the last several decades have been companies who at their core have a single ideal that drives everything they do. This ideal, which is […]

It IS Important

I used to be very scared of making something “important” to me because I was scared of failing at it. I used to say “Money isn’t important to me.” or “What people think of me isn’t important to me.” The reason I used to say these things is because I was scared to put in […]

The Clarity of Purpose Brand Strategy…

Ok, so obviously there is incredible nuance to brand strategy, marketing and messaging. But sometimes the simplest approach is the most elegant. If I can recommend one thing that’s guaranteed to work in helping you get your message out it’s this: Clarify your purpose. Clarify for yourself first and foremost. Then get clear on how your […]