Momento NFT

Own the Moment

We helped MomentoNFT go to market with an exciting new product that fused social influencing with NFTs. The challenge was to create messaging and a brand that spoke to both influencers and their fans. We chose to go full color, emojis and simple messaging to cover the entire range of activities the app offered. We boiled the offer down to three words to be expanded on from their. Create. Connect. Collect Now let’s explore!

Gadget Review

Never Regret a Buying Decision Again

When Rex and Christen approached us to rebrand Gadget Review – their flagship gear review site – we thought it was a straightforward endeavor. As we dug in we realize they had incredible ambition for the site which has taken us on a roller coaster of an adventure through consumer advocacy and the complex world of online reviews.
We’ve come out wiser and extremely proud of the partnership we’ve formed with Superlative. The brand is now poised to take on the powers that be and help create an honest, trustworthy space on the internet for trusted product reviewx.

“Gil and the team at SuperBrand helped us tackle the incredibly ambitious job of rebuilding our brand and telling our new story. It was a big, complicated undertaking and we are incredibly grateful for the thoughtful input and their tenacity for finding the right solutions.”

— Rex Freiberger, CEO Superlative Inc.

L3V3L Games

A New L3V3L of Fun

We worked with the L3V3L team on strategy, design and naming. L3V3L came to us as a completely different project. Through our strategy sessions we were able to define a clear set of stakeholders and what they expected from their product in development. The results of our work was a new direction, a new communication platform and a brand ready to be released into the wild. With its new brand, L3V3L was able to finalize a major round of funding and we’re excited for where they’re headed.

Space Runners

A New World of Self Expression

The Metaverse is coming. After an ultra successful NFT drop on Solana of super cool digital sneakers, the Space Runners collection was ready to reach out to the stars. We helped them message and brand their new collection and their SpaceVerse metaverse set to bring together fashion, culture and self expression. We absolutely loved the team’s vision and were excited to help them expand it into the metaverse. We helped with naming, logo design, and a ton of communication strategy to understand their audience and create a platform for connecting with their community.

blk. water

Nature created it. We bottled it.

blk. was looking to create a new identity and brand story that was more focused and more aligned with their current market. We helped craft a new identity that connected their Fulvic Acid infused water with its roots – nature. 

Fulvic Acid was first discovered in the highest reaches of the mountains of Nepal. We created an identity that connected the product back to the earth while promoting a rich lifestyle, travel and high performance athletics.

blk. is for those wishing to live better, train better and experience the wonder of existence on planet earth.

International Screenwriters' Association

It's all about who you know, and now you know us.

ISA is the world’s largest network of screenwriters that connects up and coming writers to the film and TV industry. After years of growth, it was time to tell their story in a new way. We worked with them to capture the essence of their story, their thriving community and their services.

Their site is currently in development but we know our work will help take them to the next level of their evolution.

“Working with SuperBrand made a profound difference for us. From the way we talk about our values and ethos, to the flow and feel of the website, the work we did with Gil and Nicole really shined a light on how best to communicate our services to the film community."

— Craig James, CEO International Screenwriters' Association

The Scope by Mobile Anesthesiologists

Changing the Way We Operate.

Mobile Anesthesiologists are changing the game for doctors, patients and insurance carriers. They present an alternative to expensive hospital procedures by helping doctors utilize office based procedures and surgical suites for affordable, no hassle outpatient procedures.

They came to us looking to create a content hub to teach people about the viability of these procedures and move the industry forward toward value based care – more affordable, accessible healthcare that puts patients first.

We loved their mission, and were excited to help them create a content hub that spoke to their customers most important concerns and help disrupt an industry mired in bureaucracy and old ways of thinking.

"SuperBrand asks the right questions that get clients to think in a different way. They help them get away from their standard language and create something more emotional. The way they got to the heart and purpose of the company was really impressive."

— Lily Homstad, Marketing Director at Teamworks Media