We Build Super Brands.

a space within

A place for people seeking a better relationship with themselves and others through meditative practice.

Brand as a reflection of inner peace.

Meditation is about creating mental space. We designed the strategy and identity of the Be Mediation brand to reflect peace, calm and space. We did this through simple design, poetry and soft inviting imagery.


"The team really captured the essence of the brand I had inside my head. In fact it pushed it even beyond what I had in mind and our new studio will be so much better as a result!" Katie Swartz | CEO

Designed to be worn without a tie.

Speaking to the RIGHT Customers.

By the time we finished our brand strategy with GoTieless, we all understood exactly what it would take to reach our customers. We built GoTieless to speak exclusively to the customers it serves - namely professional, entrepreneurial men who love looking great, but hate wearing a tie. We built a persona for the brand that was fun, specific and didn't take itself seriously.

Don't Get Bit By Shady Contractors

Reliable contracting and handyman services for home and business.

No More Shady Contractors.

Daniel Webster started Dog and Dan to create a contracting/handyman service committed simply to "being good to people". We asked him, "What are you fighting against?" He said, "Shady contractors who rip people off and do a bad job." We built the brand around traditional values, genuinely working to help customers and defying the poor reputation of similar local services. Dan's dog Winston is always by his side, so we played on the dog motif in the tagline to give it some bite.

"Dog & Dan is about helping people with the things they can’t do themselves. It’s more than just the big things. It’s about the little things that make life worth living and relationships worth building."


Achieve the life you were meant to live by harnessing the power of self-creation.

Giving Voice to a Felt Experience

It's not always easy to describe a powerful experience. We helped John Patrick Morgan create a brand that captures what his audience has been experiencing for years. This opened up new ways for his business to connect with customers and create new products that also create that experience.

"SuperBrand helped me boil down the essence of the last ten years of my work - and actually all of my life - into a single word." John Patrick Morgan | Founder

Building a Cohesive Personal Brand.

Kate Schutt is a renaissance person. She's a singer/songwriter as well as artist and thought leader. For years she's been managing three websites to capture everything she does.By focusing on an aesthetic that bridged everything she does and captured her essence, we created a brand that is uniquely her. Everything under one cohesive brand.

"SuperBrand helped me synthesize all the things I do and helped me create one powerful, clear message. Clarity is everything!" Kate Schutt | Singer/Songwriter

Expand Your Capacity To Lead.

Helping people and organizations blaze new trails in youth development.

From Vendor to Leader

If you're a thought leader in your space you need to brand like one. We repositioned DWL from being just-another education consultant to a mover who inspires an entire industry. The new positioning opened the door for DWL to raise their profile and offer their services from a place of higher value and confidence.

"SuperBrand helped us completely reposition our offer. We went from selling consulting services to empowering leaders in our space to succeed. Our new messaging gave us direction and confidence... and we love our new logo. Thank you!" Jennifer Brady | CEO