10x Creativity by Not Judging Your Own Ideas

Creativity can only exist in a judgement free environment. As soon as judgement takes hold, particularly from our own mind, creativity is stifled.

Yesterday I was driving down a random street in LA and noticed the trees growing from little dirt patches dotting the sidewalk.

I thought to myself that a tree is the ultimate creative act. Every twist of its trunk, every outstretched limb is the product of a creative decision that, once made, defines how the tree will look and function as a whole.

If ever the tree looked around its urban environment and judged itself or its surroundings would it continue to grow? Would it continue to sprout limbs, branches, leaves or flowers in this foreign, unfriendly environment of concrete and steel?

If it asked, “Is this the right time?” or “Is this the right place for me to grow?” would it still move forward with life?

One of the reasons I’ve been able to be involved in so many incredible creative projects throughout my life is because I’ve always been able to put my own judgements aside.

I actually used to practice this when I was younger. I began at 19, a particularily difficult time in my life.

Whenever I’d sense my mind judging I’d practice diverting attention to something else. At the time it was a forest and a waterfall. I’d hold the picture of that forest in my mind for as long as it took for the judgements to die down (they always do). Then I’d continue on my way.

Some people might call the practice of non-judgement love. Maybe it is. But the important thing is that non-judgement is the very thing that allows creativity to live and thrive.

Our universe is, in it’s nature, a creative universe. Acts of creation are happening around us every second of every day and have been for eternity.

Creativity is an expression of what I believe is the magic of our universe.

Practice non-judgment and your creativity will flourish.