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It started with a simple concept – design a process that allows us to create thoughtful, provocative brands quickly and efficiently at a price real businesses can afford.


Having worked at big agencies and with major brands, we always loved the creativity and intellect that a talented team could bring to a campaign.


BUT working with major brands never felt all that satisfying. Projects often felt like they never truly moved the needle in a significant way. Ben & Jerry’s was always going to be Ben & Jerry’s. Coca Cola was always going to be Coca Cola. We could only ever iterate on the identity that was already in place, we could never completely re-imagine it.


We built SuperBrand to bring the type of thinking and execution major brands invest millions in to businesses that have the potential to conquer the world. We want to work with businesses that have blue skies in front of them and are ready to play in a new creative landscape. We help these businesses reach more people, engage big audiences and make a mark on their industries.


From CPG brands, to B2Bs – creative branding is often a key for growth. Telling the right story, at the right time, to the right people is EVERYTHING.


We help businesses refine their message, create a winning narrative, and design an identity that people can’t help fall in love with.


Gil Nevo | Creative Director

Gil is a multi-disciplinary artist, designer and animator who spent 10 years animating the show Southpark and helped startup brands scale from zero to 50million. He has worked with major brands including Ben & Jerry’s, Vitaminwater, Hobie, Cirque du Soleil and more. Alongside art and creativity, his passions are helping bold entrepreneurs bring their brand visions to life and surfing as many great waves as possible.

Olivia Janisch | Biz Dev, Strategy

Olivia is a creative spirit whose unending curiosity and enthusiasm has led her toward managing accounts for both major and upstart brands. She’s worked with Snap, Tribeca Film Festival, the NHL and more. Her passion is art, health, great food and the city of LA. Most evenings she can be found traversing across town in search of transcendent bites while promoting the virtues of exceptional brand storytelling.

SuperBrand helped us organize the work of rebranding into manageable tasks and made the process fun and surprisingly easy!”

Let us extoll upon you the virtue of great brand storytelling!