Gil Nevo | Founder, Brander in Chief

Gil has been a creative in TV and advertising for over 15 years. He animated over 100 episodes of the show Southpark, as well as helped brand-powerhouses like Coca Cola, Ben & Jerry’s and Vitamin Water communicate their messages around the world. Gil has worked in many different capacities throughout his career, including as a designer, animator, art director, creative director and producer. He was lucky enough to cut his teeth on some of the strongest, most coherent brands out there before turning his attention to emerging markets where he's found a passion for world changing projects and the creators that drive them. Email: [email protected]   |   LinkedIn   |   Instagram

Olivia Janisch | Director of New Business

Olivia began her career as a nutrition coach before moving into the advertising world. She’s worked with a wide range of clients including ESPN, Ford, HBO and Starbucks. Olivia’s passion is connecting people with the resources they need to make doing business and life enjoyable and exciting. At SuperBrand, she brings her energy and warmth to building new relationships and nurturing existing ones. She still coaches people on nutrition, whether they want it or not. Email: [email protected]  |   LinkedIn

Nicole Pellegrini | Copywriter, Brand Strategist

Nicole has been writing, designing and marketing brands for over 10 years. Having studied fashion and working with design firms as well as independent entrepreneurs, Nicole brings her taste and knowledge of the cultural landscape to all our branding projects. Nicole also holds the honor of being the youngest person in the world to love Jethro Tull and rock flautists at large. So you see, culture brands are in her DNA. Email: [email protected]   |   LinkedIn

Ben Juhlin | Creative Director, Design Lead

Ben isn't one for long bios. We asked him for one, but then... crickets. Ben is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma and lets his work do the talking. Ben brings sophisticated style, taste and creativity to every design project. He's a typography master and creates layouts that astound. In his spare time he builds furniture with dangerous equipment. Watch your fingers. Email: [email protected]  |   LinkedIn

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