5 Cultural Trends You ABSOLUTELY Can’t Ignore in 2022

As branding strategists we absolutely MUST pay attention to what’s going on in the world so that we know how to help our clients stand out. 

That means lots of research, reading and time spent on Google news feeds. 

This week the team got together to discuss the latest trends and here’s what we believe are some of the most important ones to pay attention to or get involved with in 2022:

  1. Web3/Blockchain/NFT – Duh! Blockchain, Web3, and NFTs are going to STAY huge this year. They are an open source channel for creativity with accessibility like never before. It’s a cultural movement toward increased access, a way of unlocking new value and a broadening of potential for our digital lives. It will not go away. Remember when you were scared to type in your credit card number online? Tell us you’ve stayed with that… 😉 Web 3 and blockchain can seem complicated, but if you can wrap your head around it, there’s infinite potential and opportunity for everyone. P.S. – SuperBrand NFTs coming soon. Stay tuned. 
  2. Mindfulness and Intentionality as a Professional Mindset – Mindfulness is no longer just for that home meditation practice you developed on your couch. Young people today don’t want to slave away working for the man the way older generations have … As younger generations become more and more anti-hustle, intentional and heart-centered businesses are booming. When it comes to marketing and messaging, it’s no longer just about pushing ads for the sake of meeting conversion numbers and making money. It’s about emotionally connecting. It’s about being more intentional and mindful in the work you’re doing and the message you’re sharing with the world.
  3. Natural Remedies – Medicine is no longer just purple cough syrup and colored pills. Age-old plant medicines like mushrooms, ibogaine and other “psychedelic” compounds are roaring back as new-age healing modalities, and it’s f*ing fantastic. We’re reconnecting with the Earth, and transforming and reimagining medicinal ideologies. The growing use of psilocybin and marijuana is revolutionizing physical and mental healthcare, and is unlocking a whole new wave of healing and consciousness. This market is ripe for innovation starting now.
  4. Transparency – It’s been a buzzword for years but from our encounters with new projects and businesses, it’s actually being embraced and lived out in business models and their communication. From ingredient disclosure to supply chain costs and smart contracts on public blockchains, people are expecting a high level of transparency and honesty from the brands they intend to spend their dollars with. Sure there will always be corporations with dirty secrets, but transparent companies are in and they’re the ones gaining trust & loyalty from their customers. 
  5. Changing the Workplace Experience – When we hear the word “career” we cringe! It’s very 80s Working Girl if you’ve ever seen that old film… We’ve entered a time where work isn’t about just having a job or climbing up some corporate ladder. People are realizing their time is valuable, and that the value of their work goes beyond benefits and a salary. It needs to be meaningful. It needs to be fun. It needs to create community and do something for the world. Developing a successful workplace culture is no longer about unlimited snacks, Summer Fridays, and kombucha on draft. Employees are seeking growth opportunities, learning experiences, and new ways to contribute that create exponential value in their work lives, and companies are having to listen and provide like never before.

Ignore these trends at your own peril!

What cultural trends are you excited about? What aspects of these cultural trends could help push your business forward?