A Small Step to Failure

We hear a lot these days about the idea of failing fast and often. And as long as you’re able to learn from your failures it actually is a great recipe for success.

But the concept is thrown around as if it’s really easy to do and the fact is, we all have a natural aversion to failure and rightfully so.

So what does it take to actually fail fast?

It takes the ability to proceed even when you know beforehand that there are things about your product or service that won’t work. But again, that goes against our desires to create the best product, to service the world in the best way possible and to personally shine.

Here’s a tip to help you move forward despite your fear of being judged or not living up to your standards.

Start small

Start with one small step beyond the comfort zone.

With messaging clients, I always begin with changing the way they speak about what they do.

If someone is a photographer I tell them that rather than tell people they meet that they’re “a photographer” to tell them that they “capture moments” or they “help people remember special events.” The shift in message is slight, but it creates a new conversation.

If done with lightness and humor, being creative with how you speak about your business will rarely lead to raised brows or judgements. And if there’s no response, it’s a small failure most people can handle.