Branding in Three’s

Today we’re thinking about the number 3 and how we consistently use it to create the foundation for great branding. 

What’s so good about 3?

In geometry three points make a plane – meaning that you can’t have anything as a foundation unless it has 3 strong points beneath it (think of a bike vs a trike – a bike needs a kickstand, a trike doesn’t).

We find great brands generally have 3 strong pillars that create the foundation for successful communication and creating a memorable experience.

In keeping with that, we’re going to introduce you to a couple of consumer brands the team has recently engaged with and hopefully you can take something away from this to apply to your business.

Without further ado… let’s dive in!


I’ve been on the hunt for a while for the right pair of prescription sunglasses. I spent countless hours researching brands, trying to find something that was affordable, fitting, and relatively easy to order (since I don’t know my prescription or PD off the top of my head). 

Then I stumbled upon Pair Eyewear (thank you targeted Facebook Ads). I discovered they not only have a great business model, but their brand as a whole is really attractive.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Pair Eyewear creates customizable glasses with interchangeable frames. You can conveniently pop a set of tinted sunglass frames atop your prescription lenses, or simply change up your look depending on your mood or outfit.

Now that I’ve gotten my first pair (and LOVE them!) here are the 3 things about this brand that really stood out to me and got me hooked: 

  1. Affordability – Anyone who wears glasses knows how expensive it can get to buy frames at your optometrist’s office. At Pair, their frames start at $60 and each top starts at $25. That means I essentially got 2 pairs of glasses for under $100. And their quality is definitely comparable to their competitors, like Zenni Optical and Warby Parker.
  1. Exceptional Customer Experience – My experience from start to finish was simple and fun. I was able to easily choose the right base frames to fit my face because their “virtual try-on” technology is spot on. Once I decided on frames and a sunglass top, ordering was also super easy because they provide an option to call my optometrist for me to obtain my prescription. Then, they communicated with me every step of the way until I received my order in the mail. Not too much. Not too little. Now, I get to have the fun experience impressing everyone with my frame swaps, which honestly feels like a magic trick every time.
  1. Did I say Fun yet? – Their brand is fun from their color scheme to their typography to their brand mission and messaging. Their frames and frame tops are fun. The interactive element of switching frames is fun. Their vision for the world of glasses wearers is fun. And as an adult, anytime I get to inject fun into my life, I’m sold.


I’ve recently begun paying attention to watches and dabbling in collecting. Learning about different movements, the history of watchmaking in general and appreciating the care and effort that goes into this time-honored craft. 

I was looking for a new dive-style watch and particularly looking for a micro-brand to buy from. I generally love things that are unique and led by entrepreneurs and founders as opposed to a corporate board. 

I discovered VAER and immediately had an attraction to them. Here are the things that really spoke to me:

  1. The founders started the company in LA and created these long form videos to explain how they came about starting the company and how they designed their watches. While it’s obvious that their goal is not purely craft but also to create a successful business, I felt like the fact that they were willing to go on camera and just speak from the heart was a testament to how they were building their business.
  1. Building a watch business on a small scale makes it very hard to compete with the likes of Seiko, Timex, Swatch and other mass produced brands. I appreciated the fact that they sacrificed initial profits to assemble the watches in the US instead of China. It was a bold move and I think, again, that it shows a sense of commitment to truly building a great company.
  1. Communication on their site is excellent – they provide plenty of images, information and specs to create a sense of transparency that goes a really long way. When buying the watch, I felt like I had insight into how it was made, what the ethos was behind it and that there was no stone left unturned in the buying journey. I could see the watch, learn about it, hear the founders talking about it… all the information (and more!) that I needed was easily available to me. It also allowed me to essentially spend time with the product before making my purchase. 

So what are the takeaways here?

It’s not just about what you communicate with your market, it’s also how you communicate it. Make sure your tone of voice and brand personality are embedded into every point of communication – your mission, vision, marketing – to keep your audience engaged.

Creating an exceptional customer experience is often more important than the product itself. While affordability and craftsmanship are great perks, an incredible experience can convert onlookers to paying customers and one time buyers to raving fans. 

Committing to these key things will set you above your competitors.

So…What brands have you been buying from recently, and why?