Branding IS sales

We’re always looking for ways to learn, grow and become better at what we do. Last week, we attended a sales training program that led to a ton of valuable insights.

Of course, our branding brains couldn’t help but turn the things we learned into brand strategies and ways to tell better stories.

Because, in a not so roundabout way, branding **is** sales.

A lot of people think about these as 2 separate things. However, both branding and sales are all about communication…

Communicating why customers should choose you. 

Communicating your values and purpose.

Connecting around potential collaboration.

Basically, creating an experience for customers that makes them feel satisfied… That they’re at the right place, working or buying from the right people. 

While sales may focus on the transaction, branding done right can set the stage for that final push.

A great brand creates an experience for customers, even when they’re not looking to buy. 

Great branding is memorable and lives in your customers’ minds, hopefully, for long enough that when they need you, they’ll immediately think of you.

Investing in your brand is creating a foundation… It sets the stage and environment for ultimate success. 

Moreover, besides doing some major heavy lifting in the sales process, investing in your brand has been shown to foster strong loyalty and increase lifetime value of your customers. 

How much does a great brand need to sell you before you buy?

Does Nike need to sell you on their shoes? Probably not. Their brand has done the heavy lifting over years.

Does Patagonia need to convince you they make great quality gear? 

Nope. You know that even if you’ve never bought from them.

Branding isn’t just for consumer products. 

Every company – whether a product, service, direct-to-consumer or B2B can build a strong brand foundation. In fact, we contend that a strong brand foundation – developed either right when you start your company or after years of being in business, will help exponentially expand your success. 

Have we sold you on investing in your brand yet?