DCentral Miami & Art Basel – 5 Key NFT Takeaways

In December, we had the opportunity to travel to Miami for DCentral conference…

And it was amazing!! ?

DCentral is a new NFT and DeFi conference focused on building community and decentralizing NFTs. And Art Basel is one of the biggest international art fairs of the year.

NFTs were all the rage both in the tech space and the art space, bridging two worlds that are both thriving right now. ?

We learned so much and had a great time connecting with artists, creatives, and crypto experts.

So we wanted to share our 5 biggest takeaways and why we’re excited about the NFT space:

1. Fans Connecting with Artists ?

NFTs are a powerful way to connect directly with, and support the artists and creatives we’re excited about. Through NFTs and blockchain, the doors are open for creatives in all fields – art and music – to directly engage with fans.

2. Big Ideas ?

When talking to people involved in the space, we consistently encountered big ideas that fundamentally change the way we think about value creation. From play-to-earn games to new conceptual worlds in the metaverse, NFTs and blockchain have opened the doors to projects that we couldn’t have even imagined two years ago.

3. Wide Open Space ?

It’s still the early days with NFTs and blockchain, which means that anyone with an idea and a will to learn can participate. It’s a Wild West, where creativity is valued and championed. The ability to take a project from start to finish and execute is at a premium. If you have any skill set in the real world, you can find a niche in the space.

4. Cultural Movement ?

Blockchain is not just a technology. What Hip-Hop did to music, blockchain and NFTs will do to our entire culture. By bridging art, music, commerce, and community like never before, we’re going to see all kinds of new interpretations for how people can make money, make art, and how people engage with each other and the world.

5. The Community ?

What’s driving the space right now is community participation. The more community participation, the more value that gets created. Rather than isolate people, as we know well technology can do, the NFT space is all about building stronger communities that work together.

What are your thoughts on the NFT space? Are you excited about it or does it make you cringe? ??

Let us know in the comments!