Finding the balance

Do you ever struggle with finding the right balance between bending to client requests, versus standing your ground on the creative and strategy you’re proposing?

As design and branding experts, we know and understand good…wait, no – great brand design.

But, as a business, we understand the importance of giving clients what they want. 

Our clients come to us for our expertise, because if they could do what we do themselves, they would. But sometimes our vision of making their brand great doesn’t always jive with them.

We can’t help it. We’re big thinkers. 

Sometimes, we knock the brand design out of the park on our first try. More often, it takes some time and collaboration. We need to work with the client and truly get to the heart of their vision to find the balance between what we think is great and what they’re actually looking for.

We recently worked with a client who purchased our full brand package including copywriting & design. When it was time to design their logo, we initially provided a lot of examples with lowercase letters because we think that look is sleek and modern, while still playful. 

It would give them the brand uplevel they were looking for, providing a cross between professional and friendly.

However, they were not diggin’ it. They insisted on having traditional casing and uppercase letters in their logo.

We would never let a client leave unhappy. So, we took the cue from them and went in for round 2 – this time exploring some great options with capitalized letters.

And, we nailed it. We gave them a logo we thought looked great and they loved.

This was just one small example, but it goes to show that the details are everything.

At the end of the day, both logo versions were good and would’ve worked for their brand. 

Ultimately, the best results come not only when we create good design, but when the clients feel like we’ve met their needs and are happy with the results.

A good branding firm will tell you what they think is best for your brand. 

A great branding firm will listen to your wants and needs and make it work so you still get the best possible brand. It’s all about finding the balance.