Go for No…

I don’t remember where I heard this – But over the last few months I’ve had sales success using the motto, “Go for no.”

What’s it mean? Glad you asked.

“Go for No” means going out to sell your product or service and trying to rack up as many “no”s as you can. Instead of looking for “yes”s you’re now looking for “no”s.


Because looking for a “yes” psychologically makes the entire exchange with potential clients more precious. There’s more on the line. More to be lost and the chances for success small.

Going for “no” allows you the freedom to be yourself, try new things and put less weight on the outcomes. It also allows you to ask for more than you think someone will go for because, well, you’re looking for a “no” not a “yes”!

Is this a psychological trick? Of course.

But so is the reverse. It’s ALL psychological! Who ever said life was about getting everyone to agree with you?

Go for No.

See how many “no”s you can rack up and watch yourself present offers naturally and easily. Allow yourself to present the offers you really want without settling or trying to guess what might be acceptes. Don’t try and be a “salesperson” or follow some model of how you think your interactions should go. Allow yourself to be yourself and make mistakes. When you go for “no” there’s no risk, only reward.

The important thing is to have fun with getting the word out about what you do and seeing who fits naturally with your style and your business.