Is indecision killing your brand?

More is lost from indecision than bad decisions…

In branding, like in life, this is true most of the time.

Why? Because in order to create a business that stands out, you have to be willing to take a stand and have a point of view. ☝️

In a world that constantly throws messages out at you at a rate of 5000+ a day, this is an ever increasing point of differentiation.

Recently we had a client that, rather than pick one of our beautifully designed logos, chose to go with a web font because they couldn’t decide what to pick.

How that happened isn’t that significant for this story. What is important is that rather than take a point of view, they chose to go with the most generic solution possible.

This is bad.

In the above case it was just a logo. Utilizing the other work we did meant that they were communicating with the right people and doing lots of other things right so they’re in a great place.…

But if you don’t make decisions with everything you’re doing, you’ll end up with a bland, milktoast version of communication that ultimately speaks to no-one and moves no-one to action. 👎

It’s kind of like that old PR saying, “Bad press is better than no press.” That’s because at least you’re making an impression.

Now, we’re not saying to go out and create a junky logo or purposefully bad brand (though one could argue that a decision like that could serve many companies well and has), we’re simply saying that to create any strong communication, you have to take a point of view.

That’s what makes anyone who’s anyone stand out. 👀

So we’ll leave this here… if there’s any place in your business communication where you’re not taking a stand, get in there and ask the following questions:

⚡️What do I truly believe?
⚡️What needs to be said that no one else will say?
⚡️How can I speak to one specific set of people as opposed to trying to speak to everyone?

Focusing your communication in any direction beats not doing anything at all – every time.