It IS Important

I used to be very scared of making something “important” to me because I was scared of failing at it.

I used to say “Money isn’t important to me.” or “What people think of me isn’t important to me.”

The reason I used to say these things is because I was scared to put in the work at making these things happen. And worse, I was scared of failing at them. I was scared of failing at making money. I was scared of people not liking me.

I see things differently now.

These things are important. Well not objectively. In the grand scheme of the universe, like our entire lives, they’re inconsequential. But in our tiny spheres where we spend most of our time they are important.

It is important for me that people like me because I enjoy human company and want to spend time with people I like. Money is important to me because we live in an economic world and money is the fuel that drives our society.

The real shift in thinking here is not about what’s ACTUALLY important. It’s about what you ALLOW to be important.

I never allowed money to be important even though I was always chasing it. The fact is, if you’re going to chase something, doesn’t it make sense that it be important to you? Doesn’t the word “important” add an extra boost of energy to how you think about it? Why chase something that isn’t important?

Allow the things you are chasing to be important to you. Allow yourself to have important things in your life even if you may fail or never reach them. Let go of the fear associated with failure or not achieving your goal. Then take it an extra step and allow people to know what’s important to you so they can help you achieve your goals.

What’s important to you that you haven’t allowed yourself to admit?