Make Marketing Fun Again

This one thing will make Marketing fun again.

Marketing doesn’t have to be a chore. 

Here at SuperBrand we used to have a hard time getting a consistent newsletter.

It always felt like a supplemental activity that took us away from our real work.

We all knew marketing and connecting with our audience was important, but when it came time for one of us to sit down and actually put pen to paper, it felt like a 500 pound gorilla and as a result, we now have about 1000 half written emails piled up in a dusty corner of our Google drive. 

So we changed things.

Today, as we are writing this, we are sitting together on a zoom call discussing why writing this email is important (very meta!) and coming together as a team to explore other ideas, cultural trends and things we’re experiencing in our work. 

Our newsletter writing hour is now an exploration of current events, trends, values and a time for us to connect. At the end of our hour together, we have – hopefully – a fun, informative piece of content that our audience can learn from and enjoy. 

Our general guidelines for these emails are as follows:

  1. Culturally relevant
  2. Reflect the work we’re doing for clients
  3. Share things we’ve experienced around our industry and business

We want our audience to learn two key things:

  1. Something about what’s happening in the world as it relates to branding and creativity
  2. Something about SuperBrand that makes us awesome so people want to work with us

It’s a simple template, but it’s fun for us and hopefully great content for you.

Marketing your business shouldn’t be a chore. If done right, it can connect your audience, to potential customers and to your team internally.

What can you do today, to engage your team and level up your marketing?