Marketing is Bullsh*t

Marketing is bullsh*t. 

Here’s the truth – If you had a business that truly stood out and did things different you wouldn’t need marketing. 

If you created a unique experience that also generated amazing value for your people they would market the business for you. 

The other day I went to a monthly event that was executed so well that when it was over I called three people to tell them they need to go next time.

The event delivered on the promise and then some. The tickets werent’ cheap, but the event was so good I would have paid double. 

Naturally, when it was over, I was excited to tell people because I knew that if they attended they would feel like they got way more value for the money they paid. 

I felt like I was doing them a favor and of course, subconsciously, I wanted to look like I was adding value to their lives. 

When we discover something new that provides amazing value, we WANT to share it because it actually makes us look smart and valuable.

Whether it’s a product, service, event, whatever – when something makes an impact we share! 

I mean, have you spent any time online in the last 10 years??

There’s a reason that the “share” button is literally one of two buttons on every post. 

Like, share… that’s precious real estate and actually a pretty neat shorthand for what we’re talking about here. 

So how do you do this for your business? 

We’ll make this part quick – 

  1. Find one thing you’re great at and create a repeatable process around it until it’s the best thing since sliced bread.
  2. Create an experience wherever you connect with people and make it great. That means really thinking about your customer journey and how they experience you from their perspective.
  3. Never stop making one and two better. 

You may be wondering… are you really saying that marketing is bullsh*t and that no one should ever do any kind of marketing?

We’ll leave that one up to you to answer.