NFTs and Branding

The thing about NFTs is this…

It’s a fast moving market that’s brand new, with plenty of entrepreneurs successfully creating quick money.

But creative projects that last, often take quite a bit of time to develop and grow. 

Moving fast is a huge asset. But how do you move fast and build a lasting brand?

Brand building in Web 3, Blockchain, NFTs and the emerging Metaverse world is both new and the same old thing. 

No matter what space you’re in, you’re still communicating with humans. Even though the way we’re communicating is continuously changing.

So many of the foundational brand rules apply…


Stakeholder analysis

Tone of Voice

Brand Story

Visual Identity

Customer Journey

These concepts work in any space…

What the Web3 world asks more than any other space is:

1. Community Building – Can you build community around your project? Who are you actually attracting? And how do you bring people into the space who may not be interested in trading JPEGs and alpha in discord?

2. Visual Identity – In such a tech heavy space, we see a lot of creative that looks exactly like every other creative. Innovation in style is extremely valuable in this space.

3.Trust – How do you convey trust in a space that’s still new and moving so quickly? A space that’s completely digital with products that often have little real world applications (but still valuable!)

4. Long Term Value – In a space so crowded with money grabs and rug pulls – how do you build something that continues to create engagement and connection over the long term?

5.Customer Experience – How do you create a unique experience for people on a small set of platforms that provide little in the way of customizations (at this point – Discord we’re looking at you!)

The answers to all these questions begin with those same old foundational branding principles…

What’s your long term vision? How do you see the project in 2, 5 or 10 years?

What’s your positioning in relation to other projects? People spend their time engaging in both real world and digital worlds – why would they spend time with your project?

Who are your stakeholders? Are they Defi investors? NFT traders? Gamers? Or are they people who just want to enjoy digital entertainment? Why would they join your community and, more importantly, actually stay?

What’s the “Brand Experience”? What’s the feeling that you want your audience to get when they interact with your project, your community or your team? How do we curate the experience to make users invest their time and money?

These are the questions that a strong brand foundation solves for projects. If you don’t work on these up front, you’ll have to work on them down the line when it might be too late…

To capture that momentum of this fast moving world, take the foundational steps at the beginning to think through your brand, then execute quickly.