Online Acting Studio is an ambitious project to create the #1 acting resource for professionals around the world. What they needed most was a simple, focused message and a brand identity that easily differentiated their global and more diverse offering from other online acting schools.

The OAS Team joined us for a deep dive into who they were serving, why their service was a “need-to-have” and how they were changing the acting education landscape. We did: •  A competitive analysis of the acting education market •  Stakeholder segmentation •  New focused messaging and copy •  A full wireframe, customer journey and freshly designed website

OASs brand pillars would be based on their customers’ needs and how they as a company would support them on the path.

Brand Pillars

The Most Access The Best Teachers Fulfilling Acting Careers Supportive Community


Acting Careers Made Here

Key Stakeholders

Aspiring Actors Professional/Experienced Actors Acting Coaches and Instructors

Brand Archetype

The Creative Mentor Balancing our sense of creativity and fun with the seriousness it takes to master the craft and stand out in a competitive environment.

After approving the messaging platform, we developed a new logo and design system which became a modern tasteful website template.

“Gil and Nicole, the team absolutely loved going on our brand journey with you and we are so happy with the results!”

During our work together, Online Acting Studio actually began running their first classes. By the time all the work was done, they were already well on their way to establishing a reputation in the space. With their new site and brand ready to go, they were ready to take on some of the biggest names in the field and support actors around the world.

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