Risky Business

Rule for standing out: Take a Risk

Today, to make an impact on people and stand out in their minds you have to do something that gets their attention and makes them stare. 

Whether it’s a cool website, an ad, an email… 

Wherever you connect with your audience, if you’re not capturing their attention, your work is wasted.

As business owners/founders – we all BELIEVE we have something important to say.

We believe in our product, we believe in our point of view, and we believe in the value we’re creating for the world (or at least for our audience!)

But if you turn around and look at yourself from your audience’s point of view… 

Is your tone of voice and your style actually interesting?

Are you saying things in a way that makes people want to listen?

Are you telling a great story that’s engaging people and leaving them on the edge of their seat to learn more?

Look at your brand and communication from the perspective of someone who’s on the computer ALL DAY browsing, avoiding ads, trying to navigate the mess that is the online world.

Look at your business from the perspective of someone who has a million videos bombarding them everyday on instagram, youtube, the TV, the office lounge, the grocery store, the doctor’s office… 

Why would they be interested in YOUR content?

Most likely, they’re not!

But they can be. IF you start taking calculated risks to stand out from everything else they’re seeing. 

So what stands out?

  1. Humor
  2. Cool design
  3. Thought provoking content
  4. Any point of view that goes against established beliefs
  5. Unique formats
  6. Strong energy

There are lots of ways to stand out. But to do so you may have to take a risk and step out of your usual mode of communication.

Do what everyone else ISN’T doing. 
The real question is, can you afford not to take that risk today??