Stop trying to NOT be an artist

We don’t really want to talk about branding. We want to talk about art.

Sure, it may not seem very businessy.

You know what your parents always told you, “Art is NO way to make money!”

Truth is, that’s a load of BS.💩

Art, as we understand it, is the very thing that defines the human experience.

Art is about expressing your true nature.
Art is about growing and exploring your capabilities.
Art is about sharing your unique point of view.
Art is breaking through limitations.
Art is beauty.
Art is experience.
Art, done right, is also Truth.

Seems abstract? 🤷 Maybe.

But it’s also one of the most important things you can embrace on your road to success in both your business and your life.

As long as you accept that art is a search for your truth…And that to some extent your experience in life and the things you’ve learned can apply to others, then embracing art is communication gold.

In fact, as a society we’ve always put those who speak the truth and live their art on a pedestal.

We love people who are true to themselves.
We love people who are authentic.
We love people who break rules.
We love outliers.

We look up to people like Prince, David Bowie in the music world.
Steve Jobs and Elon Musk in the business world.
Frank Lloyd Wright, Lady Gaga, Frida Kahlo, Maya Angelou, Banksy…
The list is long…


Because they’re doing the things we WISH WE COULD DO!
And it’s not like those people didn’t do well for themselves 🤔

So why not just be more that person?

Live your truth.
Express yourself.
Explore your “artistic side.”
Let go of conventions that may not suit you.
Change the way you and your team are doing things.
Infuse artistic thinking into everything you do…

⚡️If you embraced your artistic side and infused it into everything you do, how would it change things for you?⚡️

Think about it…