The Clarity of Purpose Brand Strategy…

Ok, so obviously there is incredible nuance to brand strategy, marketing and messaging. But sometimes the simplest approach is the most elegant. If I can recommend one thing that’s guaranteed to work in helping you get your message out it’s this:

Clarify your purpose.

Clarify for yourself first and foremost. Then get clear on how your purpose expresses itself through your business.

Look, not every business can save the world and not every business has to. Purpose isn’t always something you find. Purpose is something you create. And as you create it, you can use your skills or existing business to express it.

Take brand strategy. On the surface it doesn’t seem worthy of being one’s life purpose. But it doesn’t have to be.

One thing that I consider my life’s purpose is to promote creativity and freedom of expression. Another thing I consider my life’s purpose is to serve and help people and be compassionate.

I try and do all of these things with my coaching. I try to teach and learn, I work to listen and be compassionate for people. I use the brand strategy platform to express my deepest values.

As long as I’m doing that, I’m fulfilling my life’s purpose in an economically viable way. We live in an economic world. Not everyone can be Mother Theresa and not everyone should be.

Be clear about what’s important to you, then use your business to express that. You’ll find it goes a long way in creating a successful and fulfilling business.

People can sense when someone or something is authentic. When you’re business is aligned with your purpose and values people will naturally be attracted to it.