They’re paying for your expertise and leadership!

So, you’ve started working with a client…

Everything starts out great… they love your past work, and they’re certain you’re the right partner for the job. 

But as things go on, the relationship changes. After the initial excitement of working together, “little” problems appear… changes in scope, input from unexpected parties, endless rounds of revisions… 

Soon enough, the relationship is in the weeds and everyone forgets all the good vibes from the honeymoon. The relationship turns mundane at best, sour at worst…

Is this normal? Is it just the way it is? 

Or is there a way to avoid this common path?

I believe that there is a way to avoid this, but it takes work and careful thought. 

It also requires great communication and constant repositioning.

This is something we’re always thinking about at SuperBrand.

The goal is simple: Build relationships with infinite potential, create trust, and establish ourselves as the experts, not merely the executors. 

How do we do this?

  1. We always try to push the work to the highest possible level we can. One thing we know is that if our clients could write their own messaging and design their own brand they probably wouldn’t be hiring us. So, it’s our job to always push beyond even our own capabilities to deliver the best brand possible.
  2. We create an experience for our partners where we lead the conversation and drive a project forward, not the other way around. 
  3. We build partnerships with other companies who are experts at what they do and extend our network out to them. That means not trying to take everything on, but bringing in the right companies to help the project expand and develop. 

These learnings come from trial and error. 

We’ve fallen into the trap of reacting to clients often. It’s par for the course. But as we grow, we keep taking steps that keep us positioned as expert and allow us to bring our best to any project and relationship. 

We’re not perfect, but in a business of relationships – which is basically all businesses – working on the relationship, fostering a culture of expertise, and pushing yourself to be better and better is absolutely key. 

How will you create a better client experience today?

How will you build relationships based on trust, expertise, respect and clear communication?