Together toward our IMAGINED future

Web 3…it’s here in a BIG way! 🌟

Last few months ago, the team went to DCentral and Consensus.

We were soaked up the energy of new ideas, technology and a new world of creativity.

The metaverse is a new digital world we already inhabit in many ways.

There’s lots of BS in Web3, as with any new frontier. People with dollar signs in their eyes looking to strike it rich…as some already have. 🤑

For us though, Web3 is about new opportunities and new ways of thinking…

It’s about being on the edge of something different.

Will it profoundly change the way humans interact? Probably.

Will it fundamentally change society? Maybe.

What it definitely won’t change is the simple human desire to connect with each other. 👥

Even as we create new tech and new ways to interact – the fundamental need of humans to connect, exchange ideas, cooperate, argue, and fight for what they believe… none of that will change.

That’s why even in this new space, storytelling is everything.

People don’t inherently love technology 📲. Technology is a tool.

What people do love is new opportunities for self-expression.

And stories are the drivers of that self-expression.

Through stories, we make sense of the complex world around us. They become our world. Whether we know it or not, we are always thinking in stories.

So even in a world of emerging tech, where many focus on features and capabilities, we focus on stories… because they are the foundation of human connection.

Even the concept of the Metaverse is just a story…with people around the world still figuring out what that story means and how to create it… and we’re seeing it happen in real time as thousands of people gather trying to turn fiction into reality…

Perhaps that’s what’s so interesting about it.
Perhaps that’s what pulls us toward our imagined future. 🌠

What stories are driving you into the future?