Turning adversity into opportunity

Over the years of building SuperBrand, we’re often faced with new challenges that shape the way our business operates.

We want to share something that happened just last week, that turned out to be a great learning experience for us. 

We hope in sharing, there’s something here for you to take away as well. 

It’s a simple story of coming up with an out-of-the-box solution for a new client that helped them achieve their goals, but also created a new way of working for us that will benefit more clients in the future. 

It all started when this company presented us with a timeline that was waaaay uncomfortable for us. 


Because as a rule and philosophy, we believe that when building a brand, you lead with creating your mission and message, and then back it up with design. 

We generally work with companies on the foundational things – Mission, Vision, Values, Purpose, Positioning etc. before jumping into the design process. 

What this particular client was asking us to do, would require us to work on design and messaging at the same time to meet their timeline. 

We really liked the client, and after going back and forth internally and discussing new ideas to make it happen, we came up with a way to do both messaging and design simultaneously and let the two influence and inspire each other. 

It may seem obvious, but for us, as a small team, it would mean managing the two processes at the same time and creating a new workflow. 

Now we’re three weeks into the process and we’ve actually seen some really great results and love the workflow.

Turns out we had something here with this new way of doing things.

Soon after, we pitched this dual path to another client and they loved the idea as well!

Seems like we’ve found a new way of working that will benefit even more projects in the future. 

The whole experience reminded us that challenging ourselves is worthwhile; we can not only make our work better, but also help our clients even more. 

This makes us happy. 

Where can you challenge yourself to try new ways of doing things? 

Where can you be flexible with your own process to create new results?