Typography in the Wild – Psychedelic Edition

Welcome to another edition of Typography in the Wild!

Today we’re looking at some cartoon/comix inspired brands we found on a walk around LA.

From Venice, to Santa Monica to Downtown LA… Stores are full of cool brands – some local, some not… but what brings these brands together is a fun, psychedelic, illustrative design style we freakin’ love. 

Could it be because digital has been so strong the last few years, that crude hand drawn styles feel more fresh now? It seems the combination of traditional art with digital is bridging two worlds and we are here for it!

Culture Pop

We love this fun retro style design. The typography feels both modern and vintage at the same time. And the integration of the orange and mango in the word “pop” gives the design life. Even on a shelf full of cool can designs, the simple colors and hand drawn illustrations really stand out.

Food Fight

Who doesn’t love melty, colorful, psychedelic art?? We definitely do. This design reminds of underground comics and of course, one of our fave artists, Peter Max. The hand drawn bubble letters make this design super accessible and low key while still fun and attractive. 

Bachan’s Japanese Barbecue Sauce

So simple, so clean, and super cute…We love the little sushi chef octopus that changes from bottle to bottle. We’re sold on this sauce big time thanks to this super cool branding.

Day Tiger

Third eyes, rainbows and psychedelic mountains make this design stand out for us. It reminds us of a Japanese psychedelic artist named Keiichi Tanami. Check out his work – still incredibly cool after all these years. 

Seattle Chocolate

Groovy, funky and fun characters. This one reminds us of an Adult Swim show. The characters are unique and artsy and it just feels like sunshine. Sometimes getting literal with a concept is a great idea.


Everything about this works for us…Quirky, hand drawn font, gradient sparkles and simple line art make us want to dig into this bag of trail mix. Again, the underground comix vibe is strong with this one…

Well that’s it for this edition of Typography in the Wild… send in some trends you’re into these days and maybe we’ll feature them in the next edition. 

Cheers to hand drawn, colorful packaging that lights up our day!