When is the right time to brand

Isn’t it time??

It’s about damn time!

What time is the right time to brand?

Very few people ask this outright, but because we speak with so many people who are considering branding, we see some patterns.

Some companies know they need to do it, but when it comes to pulling the trigger they can’t.

Others are way overdue, but can’t commit to the investment.

Others start the process, but realize it’s harder than they expected and either can’t finish or take FOREVER.

The ones who successfully and efficiently rebrand have some things in common…

For one, they understand that their brand is the key to their communication and customer experience. 

They often use words like “messaging” and creating a “unique identity” to describe how their company is speaking to its audience.

They also have an innate understanding that their business isn’t merely a collection of products, but rather a living, breathing entity with its own personality, point of view, and style. 

Our own branding is something we’re continuously reevaluating.

Understanding that our brand is how people experience us, we are always making tweaks to our messaging, our graphics and the other elements of the brand experience. We want to make sure our communication is always aligned with what’s going on behind the scenes.

But a full re-brand, or even refresh, is not something most companies can do without a committed effort.

If you’re wondering if you need a rebrand (or refresh) here’s are some things to consider:

1. If you’re launching for the first time: A successful launch often has lots of energy behind it – there’s excitement, anticipation and built up energy ready to be released. Going to market with a developed brand can really help boost your marketing efforts and get new customers excited and invested. Obviously there are successful companies that start out with the bare bones and define their brand later – but hell, if you can come out swinging, you should.

2. If you’ve grown beyond the scope of your current brand: Successful businesses, even ones that want to stay small, are always growing in different ways. Your products/services are evolving; you’re bringing on new team members; you’re making adjustments to your business model or pricing structure. There’s always a point where what your business is actually doing isn’t represented properly by your brand communication. A recent client of ours started their business with a single product, but after expanding to many products and custom services, they realized their brand simply wasn’t telling the right story anymore. It was becoming confusing for potential clients and was actually costing them engagement and sales.

3. If you’re pivoting and significantly changing your prices or customer demo: When we started SuperBrand we were working primarily with Solo-preneurs or very small companies. Now we’re working with bigger companies who have a completely different set of needs. Our brand communication has had to evolve to stay aligned with our customers and present our new skill sets, offerings and industry focus.

4. If your brand “feels” old. This is actually pretty simple… Style and communication in any market evolves over time. Websites built today look very different from ones built two years ago, five years ago, or ten years ago. If your website and brand feel outdated, people notice. It’s a feeling… and it makes customers wonder, “Is this company up on the latest trends? Can this company serve my needs today?” Staying current goes a long way toward attracting new customers and keeping old ones engaged. 

Branding is fun for us, but it’s not always easy – the more you grow, the more intensive the process is. 

BUT staying on top of your brand is as important as any other facet of your business.

How you communicate is everything. 


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