Why Yellow Is By Far the Best Color For Your Logo

Yellow is an amazing color. First it’s the color of the sun – a color we associate with energy, daytime, vibrancy, heat. Van Gogh used yellow often because it helped his paintings vibrate off the canvas…

So you see, yellow is by far the best color for your logo.

But then there’s red…

Red is the color of urgency. The color of the blood running through your arteries. Red is life and death. Red is immediate, now. Red is impact and definitely the best color for your logo.

But what about green? The color of life… The color of growth and renewal. Plants are green and we associate that color with protecting the earth and our environment. It’s vibrant, but it can also be very calming and invigorating… and fresh.

Definitely the best color for your logo…

With so many colors to choose from – amber, beige, pink, lime, turquoise, magenta, violet, MAUVE – how do you choose the best colors for you and your business?

The easy way is to simply go with your gut. Close your eyes, and just try and cycle the colors in your mind. What feels right to you intuitively?

Another way is to be a bit more strategic.

Think about the results and benefits your business creates for clients. What do your clients get from working with you that they may not get from someone else?

Then think of one strong emotion that these benefits might generate. Maybe it’s relief, or joy. Perhaps it’s a sense of calm or wonder.

Now think of one color or color combination that represents that for you.

Brand School is all about energy. I want the work we do to energize people and businesses. I want people who work with me to get out of their day to day and experience a new way of working, creativity and the energy of having a world class team work with you on your message.

That’s why our main color is yellow. Sun. Energy. Vibration.

So what emotion would you pick for your business?

Now close your eyes – what color best embodies that?

Ultimately there’s no right or wrong and building your brand is a creative process that can be fun and rewarding on its own. In fact doing the work on your brand can actually be one of the most rewarding parts of building a business because of the story you get to tell and the personality you get to infuse into it.

I’ll definitely be writing more about creativity in brand building in my next few posts so stay tuned!