You Should Be Branding!

I don’t want you to should all over yourself, but branding is not something you do once and forget about for 5 years…

Smart entrepreneurs understand that revisiting their brand and their messaging needs to happen every year. ?

That doesn’t mean you need to build a new website every year. But, if you’re not assessing your branding and messaging on a yearly basis, you may not be growing as fast as you could be.

We are now doing our third branding package for a customer whose business has been growing year over year.

This client in the coaching space has been expanding his service offerings, client base and operations each and every year. And he’s been using the branding work that we’re doing to set the stage for more growth.

At first it was all about codifying his teaching into simple brand messaging to clarify his offer. Then it was about elevating his brand to the level of other experts out there. The latest iteration is all about growing the company to include a team and set up future expansion. 

The thing is, brand strategy is business strategy.

Oftentimes, the experience you create is just as important as the product itself. For many companies, the experience is the product – Warby Parker, Zappos, Soul Cycle – all brands where the brand experience carries the product as opposed to the other way around…

The point is this… If you’re not working on your brand every year, you’re either not growing like you should be or you’re missing an incredible opportunity to reach new potential clients and level up your business.