Are you an over-communicator?

We can all agree that being communicative in your business is important. Keeping your clients and customers updated during your process makes them feel important. It lets them know they’re top of mind and that you’re trying to serve them in the best way possible. But what happens when that well-intentioned communication goes wrong? 🤔 […]

Are You Playing Russian Roulette with your Messaging?

Do you ever get confused on sales calls because you feel like every prospect needs to hear something different in order to buy or engage? Do you ever find yourself doing that messaging dance, trying to find just the right thing to say to get someone to buy? If you feel like you’re playing musical […]

What will you BECOME?

What will you BECOME? So this is a question I’ve been thinking about deeply over the last couple of weeks as I work on my new brand. Yes, Brand School is getting a new name and new positioning. Why? Because it’s no longer a school. The format has changed. With my new Brand Roadmap product […]

Be Specific. Impact Lies in Concrete Language.

The theme for this week is concrete language – language that creates a very clear vision in your audience’s mind. Businesses – especially service businesses – tend to use vague language when describing their business often because they want to make sure they cover all potential customers and markets. The truth is (and this is […]

Creating Urgency by Tapping into your Audience’s Larger Vision

I think one of the problems I’ve noticed creatives run into when trying to sell their work or services is a lack of urgency on the part of their customer or client.   Creative work often seems nice to have but not critical.   As creatives, founders and entrepreneurs we know the value we bring […]

Using Simple Ideals to Create Powerful Communication

I love the work of Jim Stengel, brand consultant, educator and former Global Marketing Director for Proctor & Gamble. In his book “Grow“ Jim talks about his findings that the fastest growing companies over the last several decades have been companies who at their core have a single ideal that drives everything they do. This ideal, which is […]