Practice Creativity with These Book Recommendations

A friend asked me yesterday for some resources on creativity. He was looking to strengthen his own skills at creative problem solving at work. Surprisingly I didn’t really have the best resources for him. I’ve recently read a few books that skirted the topic, but none that took creativity head on. The truth is, creativity […]

Creating Urgency by Tapping into your Audience’s Larger Vision

I think one of the problems I’ve noticed creatives run into when trying to sell their work or services is a lack of urgency on the part of their customer or client.   Creative work often seems nice to have but not critical.   As creatives, founders and entrepreneurs we know the value we bring […]

Forget Content. Context Is How to Get People to Remember You

The human mind is a context machine; we think in context. Context is what allows our minds to make meaningful connections that persist. If you look at memory champions, the way they remember long strings of numbers is by placing them into a context. That’s because our brain was originally designed to map out the […]