Branding Is Also for B2Bs. Here’s Why!

We often cite examples of consumer brands when we talk about branding concepts.  But the truth is, branding isn’t just for retail packaged goods, clothing or other consumer services…  Small B2Bs like us also use our brand to inspire processes, the client experience, and provide a set of values that drives the story around who […]

What We Learned at Token2049 in Singapore

Want to know how to stand out in an ocean of companies at the world’s largest Web3 conference?? It’s NOT easy… A few months back we went to TOKEN 2049 in Singapore – a premier Web3 event that housed almost 2,000 Web3 projects and over 7,000 attendees from around the world. To say this was […]

Have no FUD!! (fear, uncertainty and doubt)

Hey, SuperBranders! It’s no secret that we’ve been working with lots of Metaverse, Gaming and Web3 companies to help them build their brands and presence online.  We absolutely LOVE the space. It’s creative, exciting, volatile, new and rife with amazing opportunities.  But with all the volatility in the market – we hear a ton of […]

When is the right time to brand

Isn’t it time?? It’s about damn time! What time is the right time to brand? Very few people ask this outright, but because we speak with so many people who are considering branding, we see some patterns. Some companies know they need to do it, but when it comes to pulling the trigger they can’t. […]

Make Marketing Fun Again

This one thing will make Marketing fun again. Marketing doesn’t have to be a chore.  Here at SuperBrand we used to have a hard time getting a consistent newsletter. It always felt like a supplemental activity that took us away from our real work. We all knew marketing and connecting with our audience was important, […]

You Should Be Branding!

I don’t want you to should all over yourself, but branding is not something you do once and forget about for 5 years… Smart entrepreneurs understand that revisiting their brand and their messaging needs to happen every year. ? That doesn’t mean you need to build a new website every year. But, if you’re not assessing […]

Forget Brand Archetypes! Try this…

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text] Forget Brand Archetypes…Try This Let’s talk about brand archetypes! (And why we don’t use them.) You see, some shmo invented them at some point and somehow they became the pet rock. Ok, ok – it was Carl Jung and he was no shmo. And really they’re genius (good for Carl ?) BUT We […]

The ROI of Brand Strategy

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text] The ROI of a Brand Strategy Template The ROI of brand strategy you ask? The short answer: INFINITY. But that’s not why you’re here, is it? There are lots of articles touting the ROI of brand strategy. They all do some sort of mathematical gymnastics trying to contort their elegant model into a […]

What will you BECOME?

What will you BECOME? So this is a question I’ve been thinking about deeply over the last couple of weeks as I work on my new brand. Yes, Brand School is getting a new name and new positioning. Why? Because it’s no longer a school. The format has changed. With my new Brand Roadmap product […]

Why Yellow Is By Far the Best Color For Your Logo

Yellow is an amazing color. First it’s the color of the sun – a color we associate with energy, daytime, vibrancy, heat. Van Gogh used yellow often because it helped his paintings vibrate off the canvas… So you see, yellow is by far the best color for your logo. But then there’s red… Red is […]