Turning adversity into opportunity

Over the years of building SuperBrand, we’re often faced with new challenges that shape the way our business operates. We want to share something that happened just last week, that turned out to be a great learning experience for us.  We hope in sharing, there’s something here for you to take away as well.  It’s […]

5 Cultural Trends You ABSOLUTELY Can’t Ignore in 2022

As branding strategists we absolutely MUST pay attention to what’s going on in the world so that we know how to help our clients stand out.  That means lots of research, reading and time spent on Google news feeds.  This week the team got together to discuss the latest trends and here’s what we believe […]

Practice Creativity with These Book Recommendations

A friend asked me yesterday for some resources on creativity. He was looking to strengthen his own skills at creative problem solving at work. Surprisingly I didn’t really have the best resources for him. I’ve recently read a few books that skirted the topic, but none that took creativity head on. The truth is, creativity […]

Using Simple Ideals to Create Powerful Communication

I love the work of Jim Stengel, brand consultant, educator and former Global Marketing Director for Proctor & Gamble. In his book “Grow“ Jim talks about his findings that the fastest growing companies over the last several decades have been companies who at their core have a single ideal that drives everything they do. This ideal, which is […]