Marketing is Bullsh*t

Marketing is bullsh*t.  Here’s the truth – If you had a business that truly stood out and did things different you wouldn’t need marketing.  If you created a unique experience that also generated amazing value for your people they would market the business for you.  The other day I went to a monthly event that […]

Have no FUD!! (fear, uncertainty and doubt)

Hey, SuperBranders! It’s no secret that we’ve been working with lots of Metaverse, Gaming and Web3 companies to help them build their brands and presence online.  We absolutely LOVE the space. It’s creative, exciting, volatile, new and rife with amazing opportunities.  But with all the volatility in the market – we hear a ton of […]

They’re paying for your expertise and leadership!

So, you’ve started working with a client… Everything starts out great… they love your past work, and they’re certain you’re the right partner for the job.  But as things go on, the relationship changes. After the initial excitement of working together, “little” problems appear… changes in scope, input from unexpected parties, endless rounds of revisions…  […]

When is the right time to brand

Isn’t it time?? It’s about damn time! What time is the right time to brand? Very few people ask this outright, but because we speak with so many people who are considering branding, we see some patterns. Some companies know they need to do it, but when it comes to pulling the trigger they can’t. […]

Get serious about your business

Are you being serious right now? 🤔 The other day we met with a business owner whose website, frankly, was a disaster. It was built using a bad wordpress template, with no cohesive color scheme, and giant paragraphs stretching from edge to edge of our browser window. It was too much information, no visual identity […]

Forget Brand Archetypes! Try this…

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text] Forget Brand Archetypes…Try This Let’s talk about brand archetypes! (And why we don’t use them.) You see, some shmo invented them at some point and somehow they became the pet rock. Ok, ok – it was Carl Jung and he was no shmo. And really they’re genius (good for Carl ?) BUT We […]

Your Online Story and The Line of Trust

So there’s something that’s been on my mind lately: Trust. Building trust as a business is exactly like building trust as person. It’s about consistency of character and repeatedly proving to people that you’ll act in accordance with any promises you make – spoken or unspoken. Let’s talk about the opposite for a sec. Have […]