5 Fonts SOOO Bad, They’re Evil

Most fonts are not inherently evil… ? They were probably created with good intentions. But over time, they have crossed over to the dark side, and for us designers, they stare at us menacingly from the pages of WordPress templates, websites, billboards, and business cards… When we see these fonts we cringe. Sometimes we gag. […]

T-Shirt Worthy! Brands We Love

Some people take wearing a branded product lightly – they’ll put on any brand and not think twice about it. As designers, artists and conscious consumers who have opinions on branding and companies and their effect on the world, we can’t just wear any old brand on our clothes…  We wear brands we actually have […]

DCentral Miami & Art Basel – 5 Key NFT Takeaways

In December, we had the opportunity to travel to Miami for DCentral conference… And it was amazing!! ? DCentral is a new NFT and DeFi conference focused on building community and decentralizing NFTs. And Art Basel is one of the biggest international art fairs of the year. NFTs were all the rage both in the tech space […]

5 Band Logos We Absolutely Love

Band logos!! ? …So many have stood the test of time – some have even transcended the bands they were designed to represent.? Here are 5 of our favorite band logos we believe have done just that: 1. Rolling Stones (Designed by John Pasche) Why we love it: The Rolling Stones logo has stood the test of […]

Positioning statement one of the elements of brand strategy, YAY or NAY?

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text] Positioning – the unsung hero of creating a brand that customers absolutely need and love. The thing that separates you from the competition. The thing that informs your audience what place you will occupy in their minds. Positioning tells people how they should feel about you and it can be the difference between […]

Forget Brand Archetypes! Try this…

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text] Forget Brand Archetypes…Try This Let’s talk about brand archetypes! (And why we don’t use them.) You see, some shmo invented them at some point and somehow they became the pet rock. Ok, ok – it was Carl Jung and he was no shmo. And really they’re genius (good for Carl ?) BUT We […]

The ROI of Brand Strategy

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text] The ROI of a Brand Strategy Template The ROI of brand strategy you ask? The short answer: INFINITY. But that’s not why you’re here, is it? There are lots of articles touting the ROI of brand strategy. They all do some sort of mathematical gymnastics trying to contort their elegant model into a […]

What will you BECOME?

What will you BECOME? So this is a question I’ve been thinking about deeply over the last couple of weeks as I work on my new brand. Yes, Brand School is getting a new name and new positioning. Why? Because it’s no longer a school. The format has changed. With my new Brand Roadmap product […]

Your Online Story and The Line of Trust

So there’s something that’s been on my mind lately: Trust. Building trust as a business is exactly like building trust as person. It’s about consistency of character and repeatedly proving to people that you’ll act in accordance with any promises you make – spoken or unspoken. Let’s talk about the opposite for a sec. Have […]

Why Yellow Is By Far the Best Color For Your Logo

Yellow is an amazing color. First it’s the color of the sun – a color we associate with energy, daytime, vibrancy, heat. Van Gogh used yellow often because it helped his paintings vibrate off the canvas… So you see, yellow is by far the best color for your logo. But then there’s red… Red is […]