Stop trying to NOT be an artist

We don’t really want to talk about branding. We want to talk about art. Sure, it may not seem very businessy. You know what your parents always told you, “Art is NO way to make money!” Truth is, that’s a load of BS.💩 Art, as we understand it, is the very thing that defines the […]

Is indecision killing your brand?

More is lost from indecision than bad decisions… In branding, like in life, this is true most of the time. Why? Because in order to create a business that stands out, you have to be willing to take a stand and have a point of view. ☝️ In a world that constantly throws messages out […]

Build your world and own it! What world are you living in?

Brand building is world building. When you create a brand, you’re actually building a world with its own set of rules, methods and ideologies. For example: When you go to Disneyland, you expect certain things… You expect the characters to never take their heads off because it would ruin the fantasy.  You expect the set […]

Typography in the Wild – Psychedelic Edition

Welcome to another edition of Typography in the Wild! Today we’re looking at some cartoon/comix inspired brands we found on a walk around LA. From Venice, to Santa Monica to Downtown LA… Stores are full of cool brands – some local, some not… but what brings these brands together is a fun, psychedelic, illustrative design […]

NFTs and Branding

The thing about NFTs is this… It’s a fast moving market that’s brand new, with plenty of entrepreneurs successfully creating quick money. But creative projects that last, often take quite a bit of time to develop and grow.  Moving fast is a huge asset. But how do you move fast and build a lasting brand? […]

When is the right time to brand

Isn’t it time?? It’s about damn time! What time is the right time to brand? Very few people ask this outright, but because we speak with so many people who are considering branding, we see some patterns. Some companies know they need to do it, but when it comes to pulling the trigger they can’t. […]

Get serious about your business

Are you being serious right now? 🤔 The other day we met with a business owner whose website, frankly, was a disaster. It was built using a bad wordpress template, with no cohesive color scheme, and giant paragraphs stretching from edge to edge of our browser window. It was too much information, no visual identity […]

2022 is the year of having a point of view

Our job at SuperBrand is not to do what our clients ask us to do. Our job as brand strategists and designers is to lead our brands into new territories so that they can stand out, be unique and make an impact. If we just did what brands thought they needed, we wouldn’t be doing […]

Typography in the Wild – NYC Edition

Some cities hide the good stuff for those in the know (LA, I’m talking to you!). But NY lays itself bare in front of anyone who takes the time to look. ? One of the things I love looking at in NY is the graphics. From posters, to shop signs, stickers, museum exhibitions – graphics and […]

You Should Be Branding!

I don’t want you to should all over yourself, but branding is not something you do once and forget about for 5 years… Smart entrepreneurs understand that revisiting their brand and their messaging needs to happen every year. ? That doesn’t mean you need to build a new website every year. But, if you’re not assessing […]